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Free image hosting

Are you crazy about uploading your favorite photos in order to share them with the whole world? If yes, then there is no wonder. In your life there may be so many wonderful memories that you want to share with the whole world. But, sometimes due to bad light or bad photography your special memories get damaged and you hesitate to share them with your friends. Well, there is a very good option available to you now in the form of free image hosting websites which can customize and upload your memorable pictures instantly. They come with a number of functionality and features to make your task of customizing and uploading photos a cakewalk.

These websites have dramatically changed over the last few years. Every photo hosting site offers a lot of features. The storage space and uploading procedure also vary at each site. As such you might get confused who serves the best. Here is a solution of this problem. Check out 5 of the best free picture hosting websites and their outstanding features to upload your photos confidently for the whole world.

Screen Kong

Screen Kong! is a newly launched website with all the outstanding features that you have always wanted in your free image hosting website. It provides you an absolutely free account with unlimited storage space. The themes of this site are simply amazing. The editing features of this site come with a number of functionalities. Now a day’s no one wants to upload the same image again and again to different social networking site. Rather, they want one single destination that can connect them to all other desired websites. Screenkong provides this facility to its users. It tops, among other image storage website in terms of storage space, photo editing options, unique picture gallery, lovely themes and a user friendly procedure to upload your images. allows you to upload large files in a trouble-free way and displays the images with a better quality than the original.

Smug Mug

SmugMug.Com happens to the most ideal site for hosting your images. The website provides some of the most beautiful themes and tools to customize your photo. You will get the flexibility of sharing your photo with any popular social networking site. It also provides you the flexibility to upload images with various image editing options. Well, it gives unlimited storage space to its paid members only.


Imgur.Com is one of the most popular picture hosting sites. You can upload your image even without any formal registration. You will be given full flexibility to register for free or to go ahead straight to upload option. Your valuable image will be stored in the hosting server as many days as you wish to but you need to pay a visit to your photos once in six months. The maximum upload photo size is 10 MB.


Photobucket has successfully made its own position within the best 5 free image hosting websites with its outstanding and user friendly features. Uploading your photo in Photobucket means you are able to connect your photos to all the social networking sites. It also comes with mobile apps, hence gives you the flexibility to upload your image any time and share it with your friends through social networking.

Nowadays most of you are not stuck with one social networking site rather have accounts in more than one site. Photobucket allows you to connect your photo to a number of social media websites. The storage space of this site is huge and it will store your favorite photos for the life time.


Picasa is a wonder tool powered by Google. It is not only a typical image hosting website but also comes with unmatched and wonderful image editing features. It does not come with mobile apps but you can see your uploaded photos in your Android phone. You can make your own album in Picasa and share it with the entire world through different social and other entertaining websites.

Picasa also comes as a photo editing software and customize your pictures with its excellent customizing features.

You definitely want to step ahead and share the best images with your friend circle. These websites help you to tell your story to the entire world using your amazing pictures with their customized options and unique style of presentation…

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