The 3 Top Rated Ultra HD TVs

The latest 4K Ultra HD TVs make viewing television or movies at home just like a theater experience. The TVs are considered 4K because they have about 4000 horizontal pixels. They are Ultra high definition because they have 8 million pixels all together as opposed to just 2 million pixels in regular high definition TVs. It is the best resolution to date. The better quality picture features richer, more accurate colors, better image contrast and the right amount of brightness so the background is not blurred.

Aside from picture quality many of the newest Ultra HD TVs have added features. These include better sound quality, WiFi connections and, most importantly, upgrade capability. At this time there is not a lot of programming available in Ultra HD. Netflix and Amazon have some programming available. Some web streaming videos are available in Ultra HD. It is expected to have increased Ultra HD programming available through the rest of the year. Therefore, a TV that can convert from HD to UHD is preferable to one that does not. The cost for an Ultra HD TV ranges from $2000 to $10,000 depending on the screen size and the company’s features. Following are the Top 3 Rated Ultra HD TVs.

  1. Samsung UN55J67100

The Samsung 65″ 4K Ultra HD TV has outstanding picture quality with many great features. It can also be upgraded. This second generation Samsung Ultra HD TV’s features are outstanding.

  • HDMI 2.0 and HEVC
  • LED backlighting
  • Precision black local dimming
  • 20 Watt sound system
  • Built in WiFi and internet-ready
  • Energy Star certified
  • Quick Core Processor
  • UHD upgrading

The TV, itself, is sleekly designed. As for the picture, the LED backlighting and precision dimming helps achieve a better, richer quality picture. An upgradable Ultra Clean Pro Panel eliminates reflections and increases the contrast ration along with anti-blur technology create great picture. A UHD Video Pack is sold separately but contains pre-loaded full length movies and nature documents on UHD in a 1-terabyte hard drive.

The Quad Core Processor (the brain of the Samsung TV) is upgradable and helps speed up the Smart TV operating system. The system is internet ready with Samsung Apps included. It has a full web browser and built-in WiFi and BluTooth and allows access to the internet without interrupting the television programming. An All-Share Play feature allows wireless access to stream content to and from any compatible devise such as a Samsung phone.


  1. Sony XBR-65X900

The best aspects of this Sony Bravia Series Ultra HD TV is its X-tended dynamic range and side-mounted speakers. Both aspects make give this TV high quality picture and sound. The non-curved TV has an elegant design. Even with retro-looking side speakers, the TV appears streamlined.

  • LED backlighting
  • 65 Watt 2.2 channel speakers
  • 3D availability
  • Motionflow setting
  • Social Viewing Feature
  • Touch Pad Remote
  • UHD upgrading

The picture quality on this Sony Bravia is superior to most. As with any LED TV side viewing can cause problems, but overall the picture quality is great. Colors have good rendition and sharp resolution. Image depth and clarity is good. Overall, the X-tended dynamic range provides more zone control over the LED background to eliminate blurriness and create a sharper picture. The speaker system with 2 tweeters and 2 woofers is not too large yet creates a good surround sound effect. The sound is strong and loud. This Sony Ultra HD TV is upgradable. As more programming is available in UHD, this 4K TV is ready.

Other standout features of this TV are the Sony Entertainment Network, Social Viewing and touchpad remote. The Sony Entertainment Network is an attractive and easy to use layout with movies, music, albums and apps. An Active Artist feature allows TV content to be sent to other compatible devises. The Social Viewing Feature allows other feeds to be shown, such as twitter, without interrupting television programing. The touchpad remote is easy to scroll through and reacts quickly.

  1. LG 65EC9700V

LG’s Ultra HD TV is an attractive, curved screen TV. It has many great features including a good picture, good sound and Web OS smart interface. The TV itself is attractive. Its curved screen, slender back and ultra-thin silver trim gives it a streamlined appearance. The many features add to the picture quality of this TV.

  • OLED screen technology
  • Passive 3D playback
  • Web OS smart TV
  • Quad Core
  • Voice activated remote control
  • UHD upgrading

The picture on this Ultra HD TV is superb. OLED screen technology provides good contrast lighting for an excellent picture with deep, rich, clear picture. The sound quality of the TV is also very good. The upgradable Quad Core offers LivePlus and LiveMenu premium content and access to the LG content store.

The TV is upgradable as more Ultra HD television programming becomes available.

Overall, the features of this Ultra HD TV make it a good choice. The internet connection is easy to use. The TV itself has a clear picture, good sound and good connectivity. The remote control features a built-in microphone for voice recognition. The light touch remote can be activated both manually and vocally.

These Top 3 Rated Ultra HD TVs are the front runners in the latest television viewing technology. As television and movie quality improve they can be adapted to the Ultra HD TVs. These 3 TVs have streamlined appearances, great picture and great sound along with other impressive features such as internet access. Viewing television, movie and internet programming can be a theater-like experience with 4K Ultra HD technology.